Fickle Frog Trivia


Every Wednesday, starting at 8, we have a couple of hours of trivia filled fun for a wide age group.
Our host is Andrew Evans, a stand up comedian with his own special who has appeared on the comedy network definitely makes things entertaining.
What makes us stand out from the crowd is that all the questions are displayed on TV screens as well as read, and there are video clues and picture clues as well.
Modern, updated and classic all at the same time. You can bring your friends, your family, your work colleagues and they are all guaranteed to enjoy it.
As well as a regular menu… We have a Wednesday special to serve to trivia teams.

A pizza (12″) and a pitcher of beer for $24.95. Which for a team of 4 is just over $6 per person. Double up and you hav a feast for $12 a person.
Of course there are prizes ranging from food to brewery giveaways to gift cards for our round winners, teams of the night and team of the month. As well as prizes for Andrew’s favourite tweet outs.
If this sounds like fun round up a team of 6 or less and we will challenge your wits and your little grey cells guaranteed.
Categories include: sports, news, music, history, geography, celebrity, tv, films, etc.